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Sauna Talk is a show about the authentic sauna experience. Recorded (often) on the sauna bench, we talk with interesting guests about sauna including such aspects as building sauna, enjoying sauna, and health and wellness benefits to sauna. The rising sauna tide is lifting many boats and we look forward to some left turns that we hope to keep listeners on and off the more enjoyable and less trampled authentic sauna trail.

Sep 22, 2016

In this episode of Sauna Talk, we get to hear why six of the 612 Sauna Society Steering Committee members believe in the sauna experience so deeply.

In Minneapolis, MN, there is a 2,000 member strong sauna community, called the 612 Sauna Society.  For the past couple years, folks have signed up and gathered for sauna sessions in a mobile sauna.  The mobile sauna was hauled around to "residencies."  While the sauna was parked in public places like brew pub parking lots, frozen urban lakeside shorelines, and along the sidewalk of a downtown city street, our king Sauna Meister JP would organize time slots for 612 Sauna Society participants to partake in their own sauna experiences.  Often this involved taking a sauna with folks they didn't know.

People were very receptive to this concept, especially during the frosty cold months December through March.

Now, something more magical and substantial is underway.  The 612 Sauna Society Cooperative.

The 612 Sauna Society is looking for folks to pledge as founding members, volunteer their time to help promote the fundraising campaign, and evangelize with Twittering, shouting and sharing the good vibrations.


In this episode of Sauna Talk, we meet six people who dig sauna.  In this episode we learn about how the rising sauna tide is lifting many boats in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN.