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Sauna Talk is a show about the authentic sauna experience. Recorded (often) on the sauna bench, we talk with interesting guests about sauna including such aspects as building sauna, enjoying sauna, and health and wellness benefits to sauna. The rising sauna tide is lifting many boats and we look forward to some left turns that we hope to keep listeners on and off the more enjoyable and less trampled authentic sauna trail.

Jun 26, 2024

Today on Sauna Talk, we welcome Alan Jalasjja who shares with us “The Spirit of Sauna.”

Alan is an evangelist who is with us to help promote the experience. Growing up with sauna his whole life, as a Finnish Canadian, we get the perspective of what sauna spirit means to him.

World Sauna Forum 2024

The growth of the...

Jun 15, 2024

A lot has happened with Lasse Eriksen, 2.0, from our first Sauna Talk just a little over two years ago.

This meeting took place on the beach in front of Farris Bad resort, south of Oslo, Norway.


Here Lasse is the Development Manager for this top notch resort set along the shore of Norweigen’s majestic...

May 18, 2024

Today on the sauna talk bench we are joined by Stew and his sons David and Kyle Wilson, from the Homecraft sauna heater family.

Who is Homecraft? Homecraft is one of Canada’s longest running sauna manufacturers, this multigenerational, family-owned business has steadily grown in the shadows of towering old-growth...

May 16, 2024

As we look back upon Sauna Days 2024, walking from one sauna to the next, pretty much all of us were comfortably numb.

About 200 guest converged for the fourth Sauna Days event at Larsmont Cottages, North of Duluth, Minnesota, this past weekend. Some came from near, and many came from far. All were able to enjoy the...

May 16, 2024

Today on the actual sauna bench, we are joined and talk with Jake Newport from Finnmark.

Jake makes the journey from Northern England to join me on the Larsmont Cottages sauna bench in Northern Minnesota, by the cold, clear clean water shores of Lake Superior. You can also check out my podcast with Jake and Brother Max...